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di Lucio Dal Pan
Sono qui raccolti alcuni file kmz raccolti dalla rete e divisi per materia, senza filtri o commenti e senza pretese di completezza: solo alcuni esempi, forse anche datati. Una ricerca su internet sicuramente fornirebbe risultati più abbondanti e aggiornati. In particolare la Community di Google Earth è una miniera; per aggiornamenti sui file qui riportati, sarà utile cercarli lì. In italiano esiste un blog.
In attesa della sitografia, altre due rassegne per argomento sono questa e questa.
Varie Ed. fisica Miti e leggende Storia
Arte Geografia Quiz Storia/Stalingrado
Arte/Mosca Letteratura e inglese Religione Viaggi
Ed. Civica Matematica Scienze

NASA Blue Marble Next Generation, JPL WMS Server The best 4 
A History Of Indian Art And Architecture Castles108 
Abbeys Of Britain Chiese Di Roma 
Adriana Colosseum Di Roma 
Amphitheatre (Trier) History Of Islamic Architecture 
Amphitheatres 62 Ireland In1898 
Archaeo Sicilia Istanbul 
Architecture Jardins De France 
Art Nouveau N Leonardo 
Basing Werk Abbey Moscow Plan1853 
Benedictine Abbeys And Priories In Wales Palais Rose 
Benedictine Monasteries In Ireland Paris1808,Morephotos 
Benedictine Monasteries In Scotland Paris-1808 
Benedictine Persepolis Reconstructed 
Casa Malaparte Capri Rodin1 
Castles Sicilia Romanesque Architecture 
Arbat Moscow plan 1853 
Gorod Pjatnickaja 
Jakimanskaja Sretenka 
Jausa Tverskaja 
Ed. Civica
Iowa Caucus N Warning Decision N 
Ed. fisica
Olympic Venues Tour de France 2007 
12 months Landmarks 
Africa is drying Languages 
Airports Lomax Rosetta 
Alertnet Mammals Nw 
Amphibians Nw Palaces & Castles 
Appalachian Mountains Paleogeographic 
Arctic Parks Nw 
Arthus Bertrand tour Protect 
Biomes Radiation 
Bmng Resource 
Changing Sea Level South China Sea 
Child-Mortaility-2005 Spills Nw 
China Sea Submarine Cables 
Columbia Survival International Nw 
Continents4 Temperatures 
Covered Bridges Test Your Africa Iq 
Dams Nw Tides 
Deforestazione Amazzonia Esempio Tokyo Population 
Deforestazione Bolivia Top 100 cities 
Deforestazione nascosta Two Koreas Graph 
Defra Layer Unhcr Idps 
Dengue Urbanecology East Bay 
Densità Di Popolazione Us Gdp 
Density Ushmm Darfur 
Earth Fire Veneto 
Extreme series Village Destruction 
Forests Vulcani Nel Mondo 
Glaciers yesterday and today Waypoints 
Global Temperatures Whc-Fr 
Google Earth Files Nw Wildlife 
Greek Islands World borders 2 
Heritage Fund World Population Animation 
Image Disasters Worldwide Panoramas 
India Wwp Panorami Dal Mondo 
Letteratura e inglese
80 Jours John Muir 
Approximate Site Of George Washington's Boyhood Home Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Bowdoin College 
Bfi Mk Leyendas de Toledo 
Charles Dickens Mc Escher 
Charlie Chaplin Neolithic Calc 
Famous Historic Urban Layouts Odysseus 
Geograph Layer On The Road 
Ghosttowns Portsmouth 
Glasgow Function And Growth Queenanne's summer house. 
Henri Rousseau Shakespeare 
Jack Kerouac Us States 
James Joyce Whaling Part 1 
Jane Austens Life And Works 
Miti e leggende
America Herakles 
Asterix Historical Mysteries 
Atlantis Leyendas de Toledo 
Britain's Atlantis Odysseus 
Test Your Africa IQ 
Bibleplaces Life Of Prophet Muhammad 
Churchoftorda Pauls 1st Missionary Journey 
Isarel During The Kingdoms Of David & Solomon 1077-993 Bc Eoverlay Sacred Destinations 
34 Moons Impact Craters 
Americas Wild Legacy Impacts 
Atlantic Basin Storms Influenza Brazil 
Bas Layer Karst1 
Biodiversity Hotspots Nw Larger Icebergs 
Bird Flu Phylogeny Link Birds Movement 
Bristlecone Pine Research Malaria Atlas Project 
Canyon2 Meteorits Impact Database 
Cec Sccc Moon Placemarkers 
China Quake Moon-Hires-15mbdownload 
Cosmic Ray Shower National Weather Service 
Cyclone Nargis Ocec103007 
Dams Database Piramids 
Declan Avian Influenza Playgroup 
Disappearing Forests Polarview Antarctic Node 
Earthquakes Usgs [4910] Promed Animation 
Eco Everest Expedition Rabies Awareness 
Edge Amphibians Realtime Earthquake Monitor [48302] 
Edge Mammals Realtime Earthquakes 
Forest Cover Change Replacements-725550 Solarposition [2439] 
Fractionconcept Sketchup Nw 
Geologic Atlas Us Solar System 
Globe.En South3.1 
Hayward Fault Map&Tour2 Stadsman Day And Night [59607] 
Hurricane Directrelief Stadsman Global Cloud Map [48029] 
Hurricane Ike 001 Sunlight, Cloud Cover & Low Level Winds 
Hurricane Ike Transit Venus 2012 
Hurricane Katrina World Tides 
Iditarod 2006 By Earthslot X Prize 
Additional Roman Sites Ivy Mike And Cactus Dome Correction 
Adriana Kennedy Speech About King Assasination 
Aegean Minoans 122908 L'anse Aux Meadows - Villaggio Vikingo 
Alaric Life Of Prophet Muhammad 
Alesia Marco Polo's Tavels 1271-1295 
Amphitheatres62 Matthew Flinders 
Ancien Athens Megalithic Portal 
Ancient Rome Middle East Strategic Information 
Antonine Wall Missions Baja Maps 
Archaeo Missions Baja 
Archaeological Site Of Himera Mongolempire 
Archeo Greece Nevada Test Site 
Auschwitz_Cc New 7 Wonders 
Ba'ja - 9000 Year Old City Nuclear Explosionsv4 
Battaglia Di Canne Pompei 
Battles Of The World Remains Of Byzantine Constantinople In Modern Istanbul 
Battlesoftheworld Roman Battle Of Carrae June 53 B.C. 
Britannia Romana Roman Entertainment 
Bronze Age Aegean Scripts 031109 Roman Ripon 
Budapest,1956. Roman Sites In Britain 
Caesar Rome 
Castles108 Rome2 
Chateaux Cathares 2 Ruta De Las Misiones 
Concentration Camps Chile 1973-1990 Rwanda Genocide Memorials 
Constantinople Santorini's Tsunami Inundation Of Minoan Crete 090708 
Duels Sassanid Empire 
Egypt Exploration Sb_Ortsnamen_Generated 
Egypt Unveils Discovery Of4,300-Year - Oldpyramid Site Of The Roman Legionary Fortress Of Apulum 
Egypt southwest_archaeology 
El Viaje Del Che Tarraco Theatre 
Encompassing Globe Temple Of Alexander The Great 
Fort Monroe The Flood In Florence - November 4th 1966 
Giuramento Obama The Last King Of Kings Iranii 
Hadrians Wall The Roman Empire 117 Ad 
Hannibal The Warsaw Ghetto 
Historic Rome overlays Theatres130 
Historical Atlas Of Eurasia - Second Edition Thera 
Historical Atlas Tombe Imperatori Cinesi 
Historical Maps In Belgium Ungheria 1956 Monuments 
History Illustrated Via De La Plata 
Humboldt Travels Wall Mile 49tw 
Ibn Battuta 1325-1353 Warsaw Ghetto (Imageoverlay) 
Ingush-Ossetian Conflict(1992) Wright's Brother National Memorial 
Isarel During The Kingdoms Of David & Solomon 1077-993 Bc Eoverlay 
Grain elevator The entrance to the tractor factory. 
Memorial Mother Russia. The mill 
Memorial Tractor factory. 
Pavlov house Train station. 
State Panoramic museum 
Athens Lewis Clark Map 
Burke Wills Expedition N Monument Valley Vue De La Terrasse 
Castelli In Europa 108 Photos 
Dalmatia Plazas De Toros en todo el Mundo
Greece 001 Rome 
Greece 002 Sea World Adventury Park San Diego 
Greece Terra Maris Wellness & Golf Resort In Crete Greece 
Is-Foe At Pallini Hotel, Halkidiki, Greece Travel Adventures 
Kokkari Trikeri Island Greece 
Les 21 Merveilles Du Monde Venice 
Lewis And Clark Expedition Worldwide Panoramas N 

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